In Search Of Chinese Brides Online – How To Find Girlfriend Or Wife From China

While there are plenty of reasons to consider getting a mail order bride from China, there are some compelling reasons why men should particularly consider a Chinese mail order bride. First and foremost, Chinese women are incredibly beautiful. With their flawless skin, dark hair, and striking features, they are easily among the most desirable women in the world. But Chinese women are more than just pretty faces. They are also known for being intelligent, hardworking, and loyal. In other words, they have all the qualities that any man could want in a wife.

Of course, there are plenty of Chinese brides online who would be more than happy to meet a man from abroad. Thanks to the internet, it has never been easier to connect with Chinese women who are looking for a foreign husband. So if you’re interested in finding a Chinese bride who meets all your criteria, there’s no reason not to start your search online. Who knows, you might just find the woman of your dreams!

Top Chinese Dating & Mail Order Bride Sites

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EasternHoneys has an incredibly sophisticated search function, so you can get exactly the kind of profiles you want.

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Asian Melodies

Asian Melodies has an incredibly sophisticated search function, so you can get exactly the kind of profiles you want.

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Date Asian Woman

Looking for beautiful, loving and household woman? Date Asian Woman have all the traits that man look for.

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Basic Information About China

China is a unique country. It is developing so rapidly, and the social trends there are changing so fast! Just imagine that about 2 centuries ago women from China could not even dream of marrying a man from another part of the world or a neighboring country. Moreover, they were not allowed to talk to them! It took half of the century to change things completely. Since that time, stunning local girls could marry foreigners.

Though the demographic situation in China was changing all the time, beautiful Chinese women remained incredibly popular. Nowadays, the demand for them is still very high. Is it possible to marry one of them in 2021? Yes, it is, but is this a good idea? Well, let us find out!

Why Chinese brides for marriage are so popular among men

chinese brides online

The Chinese mail order brides platforms do not need to invest thousands of dollars in promoting themselves. This can be explained by the fact that Chinese girls for marriage are just stunning, and a lot of guys worldwide want to marry one of them.

So what are gorgeous Chinese ladies like?

  • Naturally beautiful. Yes, a lot of these girls are the top make up artists. They know how to make themselves look even prettier, but the truth is their natural beauty is also mind-blowing.
  • Really respectful and super well-mannered. This is not only about Chinese brides, but this is also about all people living in China. Being polite and well-manner is not just an option. This is the way of life, the part of the culture and lifestyle.
  • Always smiling and even a bit childish. Have you ever tried to build a relationship with a really pessimistic woman, you know that it is incredibly difficult to stay positive with such a girl. Chinese women are nothing like that – even small things that may seem unimportant make them happy.
  • Forever young. If you want to marry a girl who will remain young and beautiful for decades, China is the perfect country to meet a woman of your dreams.

So why do men marry Chinese brides?

Though the world is changing, some things remain the same. All guys want to feel like real men, and this is possible only if they are in a relationship with a real woman. Chinese women know how to make a guy stronger, more confident, and, of course, much happier. Their charm cannot be put in words – this is a unique mix of beauty, femininity, sophistication, and positive attitude to life.

cute chinese girl online

What qualities do Chinese brides look for in a man?

It would be a mistake to think that these women are ready to marry anyone they meet on a site. In fact, there are some qualities most of them are looking for in a husband, and we have listed the most important ones below:

  • Strong – these ladies are really feminine, and they are looking for a real man
  • Ambitious – you do not have to be rich to marry one of them, but you must be ambitious and have goals in life
  • Supportive and respectful – all girls want to be treated like the princesses, and this is possible only with a respectful, caring, and supportive man
  • Faithful – though these ladies are not as jealous as spicy Latinas, they want their man to act like his wife is the only beautiful woman in this world.

What to start with while meeting a Chinese bride?

If the initial steps of communication with the beautiful Chinese women for marriage raise a question for you, our list of tips will be helpful for conquering the Chines brides. So, begin your courtesy with:

  • Greeting her in Chinese. It will be a good gesture of your interest in her culture, as no one would judge your pronunciation seriously.
  • Making a compliment to her. Do not overdo with banalities and try to emphasize the slightest cultural details of her appearance, style, or behavior. Or you can use her language to impress your future Chinese wife by saying “Nǐ kànqǐlái zhēnbàng” (You look great) or “Wǒ fēicháng xǐhuān nǐ” (I like you very much).
  • Asking her about her family. As Chinese mail order wives are extremely devoted and respectful in relation to their parents, this will be an excellent conversation starter.
  • Posing questions about her culture. In such a way, you exhibit readiness to get to know more about Chinese girls dating and realize how much does it cost to bring a Chinese bride to your home country. For the latter, ask her to share expectations about the partner and roles/duties sharing.
beautiful Chinese women for marriage

How to mesmerize the mail order bride from China?

Being a foreign man, you definitely have more chances to conquer the Chinese lady’s heart in case she is looking for a husband. All you need is to know the specifics of her current daily life and have something better to offer to her. Actually, you naturally already have it due to the other socio-cultural belonging, so the only thing left is to share with your mail order Chinese bride.

  • Give her some freedom to study or work.Many chinese brides online are deprived of the easy and equal access to the education and workplace opportunitues, even though the discrimination is noticeably lowering. Don’t be afraid of encouraging her self-realization — she would be more grateful, caring, and devoted to you!
  • Highlight your participation in mutual decisions. That’s the thing the modern Chinese ladies lack because of the gender inequality and parents’ intervention into their marriage choices. Here, you will give your Chinese mail order bride an opportunity to have mutual interest in the relationship, so isn’t this great for both of you?
  • Make her happy with the honeymoon leave. You would be surprised to know that the Chinese authorities have a strict policy regarding the age of spouses and their official honeymoon rest’s duration. For those girls who enter the marriage at the age of 23 or more, the opportunity to gain the legal 7-day leave is not guaranteed anymore. Get away with this limited thinking, and one of beautiful Chinese wives online will be yours!

Any of Chinese mail order brides would dream to be with you if you provide her with these considerable life changes. In turn, you will alter your life for the better too!

Qualities, weaknesses and strengths of brides from China

What else should you know about the best Asian wives? Even though these girls have a lot to offer to a man, they are not perfect. Or maybe they are? It is up to you, actually. It depends on what you consider to be a serious weakness. Read the info below and make your decision.

So here are the main benefits of dating these Asian brides:

  1. They are very optimistic
  2. Family is sacred to them
  3. They respect their husbands
  4. Most of them want to have children

What challenges you may need to overcome when dating one of the Chinese ladies? Here they are:

  1. It may be pretty difficult to talk to her at the beginning of your relationship (language barrier)
  2. Some things she likes may seem weird to you (cultural differences)

As you can see, there is nothing you cannot handle. The only key to a happy marriage is mutual respect, so if you can compromise and respect each other’s values, your union will last forever.

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Where to look for the Chinese wives?

Usually, there are 2 ways to find a Chinese mail order bride. Each of them would require a different level of efforts, resources, and comfort on your side. Think what is best for you and go closer to your dream to get one of the best Chinese girls for marriage.

Travel to China to meet in person

That is not an easy option at all, as you should have a plenty of time and money to cross the border, find the only one, and make her willing to marry you. As you see, no guarantees are possible as the real-life communication can bring many unexpected refusals and other “surprises.”

Use special sites to date a Chinese girl online

Compared to the previous suggestion, this one has the intentions and interests filter for you as the Chinese brides online are already coming to the special dating platform with the certain aim — to find a husband abroad. Moreover, the Chinese mail order bride cost is pretty defined and can be planned, which is another advantage of choosing the virtual space for getting things started. If ready, you can meet in person, but this will be really desired and awaited, so the difference is worth it, right?

Top sites with Chinese mail order brides


This is one of the fast-growing Chinese dating sites that connects Asian women and men worldwide. It was created about five years ago, and it is currently available in more than thirty countries. This is not a free platform, but every adult user can sign up for free and use the free features. Registration takes a few minutes, and the website is really convenient to use.


  • A lot of hot ladies from Asian countries
  • Free sign up
  • 24/7 support
  • Basic and extended search
  • Cheap membership plan
  • Only validated female profiles
  • Advanced matchmaking algorithm


  • It is useful only for straight people
  • You cannot talk to anyone without paying for premium subscription


This is another top website where guys meet thousands of Asian brides. Registration is completely free of charge and takes less than 5 minutes. The user-friendly interface, nice design, and lots of free features make it a perfect option for everyone who wants to find love.

blonde chinese girl


  • Tens of thousands of ladies living in Asian countries
  • Reasonable prices
  • Privacy guaranteed
  • Free registration
  • Free extended search


  • No mobile app
  • The best features are not free of charge

Asian Melodies

Asian Melodies is the third site in our list of top Asian dating platforms. Just like the previous two agencies, it offers adult users to sign up for free and try the free services. If a man likes the services and the site itself, he can upgrade his profile by buying premium membership. The site is super-easy to use, so even if you are new to online dating, you will have no difficulty in searching for not only Chinese but also for hottest Filipina brides and making contact with Japanese ladies.


  • Great design & user-friendly interface
  • Reasonable prices
  • Tons of hot Asian women
  • Verified profiles
  • Great advanced features


  • No mobile application
  • You need to pay to use the best services

So, if you are one of those men who like exotic women, you can find thousands of Chinese brides online. So what are you waiting for? Just remember that this the modern world, and there is no chance of buying a wife in China or anywhere else, but you do have a chance to meet a woman of your dreams and make her fall in love with you.

Maximillian Lind
Maximillian Lind is a famous businessman who becomes a dating guru after marriage to a Chinese woman. His works are based on sociological data and his own dating experience.
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