Shanghai Women Seeking Men: Best Facts And Reasons For Dating

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‌Shanghai is the biggest city in the world. It`s the New York of Asia — huge, multinational, and noisy. What kind of women live there? Do they date foreigners? What should Western men know about Shanghai women?

Top facts about women in Shanghai

‌Here`s what every man should know about girls from Shanghai.

They`re diverse

‌Shanghai was colonial in the past. Almost 200 years ago a lot of foreigners began to move in the city. People from Germany, Great Britain, Russia, and other Western countries settled in. Shanghai turned into a very cosmopolitan city. The local and foreign cultures interconnected. Now the women living in Shanghai, on the one hand, are Westernized. On the other, they keep and follow lots of Chinese traditions.

They`re superdiaistic

‌Diaism is a term used to describe all women living in this city. This is a word widely used by local men and women. Dia is a notion that refers to a lady who can talk or behave in such a gentle and soft way that no one can resist being charmed or pleased. In a word, everyone agrees that women in Shanghai are extremely feminine. It`s like it takes them no effort to captivate men`s attention.

Reasons for dating Shanghai women

‌Here are the top 2 reasons to get acquainted with pretty Shanghai girls.

  • They`re careful and thoughtful girlfriends (or in the local dialect — zuo).
  • They`re very smart. This was determined by history that even a century ago, while girls from other Chinese cities were sitting at home, Shanghai women were actively studying at schools.

‌Girls from Shanghai can leave no one indifferent. They`re bright, eccentric, stylish, and remarkably attractive. Would you like to meet and date one of them?

Maximillian Lind
Maximillian Lind is a famous businessman who becomes a dating guru after marriage to a Chinese woman. His works are based on sociological data and his own dating experience.
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