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Indian women fit for marriage are seeking husbands outside the country more and more often. Blinded by their beauty and enigmatic veil surrounding them, Western men can hardly resist the appeal. There’s no wonder why – all we want is love. However, India is an exotic country with peculiar customs and belief systems. While you know where to meet Indian girls, you should be ready for what is in store for you too.

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Does India have mail order brides?

Indian mail order brides are a thing, but they are not nearly as common as you might think. There are only a handful of agencies that specialize in Indian women looking for husbands, and even then, they are not nearly as popular as Chinese or Filipino brides. The reason for this is simple: Indian women are only interested in marrying Indian men. They have no interest in foreign men, and will only consider marriage if it is to an Indian man. As a result, the market for Indian mail order brides is quite small. If you are Indian man looking for a wife, your best bet is to look elsewhere.

General views an Indian mail order wife shares

Along with stereotypes and superstitions comes common knowledge about a nation.


Hinduism and Buddhism are prevailing in India. Thus, while looking for an Indian girl for marriage, you should be ready to accept her spirituality. Usually, Indian people are not against other religions as long as their beliefs are not disrespected. This may be a serious issue to overcome if you are Muslim or a dedicated Christian. The chances that she will convert to your religion vary.


Every Indian wife finder should be ready to absorb huge amounts of rice and curry. However, mostly Indian cuisine is versatile and tasty. Besides, depending upon the region your Indian mail order bride is from, the main dishes differ. Also, you should remember that the majority of Hinduists are vegetarians.


The social state in India is a hierarchy. So, traditionally Indian brides are outranked by their husbands. Thus, they are primarily submissive and dependable upon the partner. However, the wave of modernism is altering the classy views. If you take an American Indian bride, you can expect her to be as exotically beautiful as the nation in general, but she’ll be a little more emancipated. In case you value equal partnership, this would be the best mixture you can potentially come across.

Less common traits a mail order bride from India may show

The world is constantly changing, and the popular beliefs trending a couple of decades ago are becoming obsolete as the future comes.

Social interdependence

No matter the modernistic effect on Indian society, the notion of social interdependence is vividly presented by the nation. While looking for Indian women, you need to realize that social bonding is of the highest importance to them. They wish to be connected to surrounding social circles, whether it’s work or family.

Family ideals

When you find a potential Indian wife, you’ll get it straight away how important the notion of family is to her. It doesn’t necessarily imply her family or the family you start together. If you haven’t been very close with your family recently, things will change when you say your wedding vows. Even if you live miles away from your relatives, you will see them as often as possible since the family bonds are utterly valued in India.

Indian customs

Corresponding with an Indian girlfriend online is different from that in real life. There are essential customs to be remembered and preserved.

  • Indian people are used to eating with their hands. Even in the majority of Indian restaurants, the rule is preserved. The custom is alien to the Western world, so most modern Indian women try to adapt while out of the native country.
  • Should you choose to follow the traditional eating with your hands, keep in mind that the left hand is unclean and never used for the purpose.
  • Food sharing is common. However, drink-sharing is taboo, so eating from others’ plates, even if it’s your partner’s plate.
  • Don’t thank for the food, but praise it.
  • Whether these are Indian Mumbai girls you are dating or not – they are always late. It’s a sort of a custom to get used to.

Character of the mail order bride from India

Charming Indian ladies are mostly happy and peaceful. They’re nice, smiling, and helpful. Indian girls online are very communicative, they can welcome a foreigner and tell him about their joys and sorrows. Modest, truthful, owning her feelings, that’s the way you can describe an Indian single girl.

Life style

Indian girls for marriage are good dancers and singers. They adore colorful festivals and large family celebrations. Meditation, yoga, and the practice of finding inner peace are important parts of Indian culture.

Family values of mail order brides from India

Indian ladies remain faithful to tradition, attend temples, and believe that their most important duty is to serve their husband and family. They’re brought up on the old traditions and considered it a sin if a woman left her husband. Their picture is almost perfect: always cheerful, friendly, helpful, and hospitable. Indian bride serves her husband well and his relatives tirelessly taking care of all family members. She must be able to run a good household, cook for the whole family, and do all the requests of her elders.

Final words

Indian brides for marriage are many. They’re united by national traditions that differ from those of the Western world, and that’s the exciting factor to explore. While hiding behind colorful clothes, Indian ladies are usually well-shaped and good-looking. Besides, they are humble and loyal. Isn’t it the magical exotic combo that Western men are after?

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